• Image of Baby Koala Bear Art Kit
  • Image of Baby Koala Bear Art Kit

Paint a Baby Koala Bear in the comfort and safety of your home. A great option if you also want to throw a paint party! Our online video's are compatible with ipads, iphones, android devices, web browsers and your television.

Kit includes
• Access to a step by step video instruction on how to paint a super cute Baby Koala Bear with website information and ticket number to access the video. You can stream the video in full up to 5x.
• 11x14 inch canvas
• 6 primary acrylic paints in red, blue, yellow, green, white and black
• 1 set of paint brushes (5) of various sizes.
• Paper Palettes (Paper Plates)

Not included: cup for water and napkins.

How it works
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2. Once purchase has been made, we call you to make delivery. Free delivery.